opening hours.

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where family, food and wholesome products unite into one.
we offer a little something for everyone!

juice bar.
deli shop.
boutique pop up.
kids corner.
flower bar.
take away.
private chefs.
a warmth trendy restaurant interior, two girls enjoy a coffee in the back


opening hours.
mon to wed 09am to 04.30pm.
thu & fri 09am to 11pm.
thu & fri dinner 07pm to 11pm. kitchen 07pm to 10pm.
sat and sun 10am to 04.30pm.
a warmth lounge corner, two relaxing chairs and a small table with magazines


We are a family owned and operated business, inspired by the traits of some of the most iconic countries & what they have to offer. Natural products and food made with love! We aim to transmit simplicity, nature and joyfulness.

We translate these values into our products and environments in order to offer our customers: “An Experience”. For this reason, we value craftsmanship, small producers and a family atmosphere.

Unwind, feel comfortable & have a snack. BOSSA invites shoppers to enjoy “honest kitchen” in a cosy setting. Visitors experience a warm, relaxed atmosphere and are invited into the living room like guests calling on good friends.

a waitress serving a home made baked croissant and muffin